What Do You Do When It Happens?
How Do You Tell Her You Care?
Is There A Way To Say "I Need You,
To Have Me A Friendship To Share"?

Sometimes It Happens So Swiftly,
But Who Then Are We To Say,
The Quicker The Better They Tell Me,
But Take It From Day After Day.

To Rush A Relation Is Endless,
To Push It Too Far Out The Door,
Take Time, And Take Care Are Key Answers,
Truth And Respect Always Add To The Score.

Try It And See What May Happen,
Try It And See If You Dares,
There's Only One Way To Each Other,
The Answer Could Show That She Cares.


March 17/80


I Think It Speaks For Itself....Like The Saying Goes,...

"If You Love Something Set It Free,
If It Comes Back To You It Is Yours,
If It Doesn't, It Never Was......"