If Ever...

If Ever You Go Away,
If Ever You Wander Astray,
If Ever You Try To Leave Me,
Whatever Could I Try To Say?

If Ever You Count The Days,
If You You Me Amaze,
If Ever You Tell Me It's Over,
Forever Will I Feel The Daze.

If Ever You Find Tomorrow,
Withholds A Room Full Of Sorrow,
If Ever You Feel We Can't Make It,
How Could You, Your Love, Let Me Borrow?

If Ever You Say It Is Finished,
If Ever, You, Me You Will Punish,
If Ever You Feel We Are Never,
Then Never Was Life, It's Diminished.


October 19/78


When Someone Is So Special, So Deeply Loved,
That You Can Only Think Of Them In Your Life Forever,
Pray They Are....